RenderWare Products

In this document the RenderWare products will be presented.

The RenderWare portfolio of game development solutions include:

  • RenderWare Studio – the game development framework that harnesses the power of the development team from prototype to gold master.
  • RenderWare Platform – the game development middleware of choice, that consists of an integrated technology suite providing world leading, Graphics, Physics, A.I. And Audio.

Both are available today for PlayStation® 2, Xbox™, GAMECUBE™ and PC and tomorrow for wireless and next gen.

RenderWare is empowering developers to be How the game framework fits into your software creative within a mature, professional software architecture engineering environment. There are over 500 current generation RenderWare games in development or published world-wide.

Today 1 in 4 console titles in pre-production or development is using RenderWare technology.

RenderWare Studio #

  • RenderWare Studio is a unique collaborative game development framework that encapsulates best of breed tools and processes to help developers rapidly create games concurrently on multiple target platforms. It also leverages RenderWare Platfor to provide graphics, physics, audio and AI performance through its features.
  • RenderWare Studio empowers designers and other non-programmers to produce game content ‘out of the box’, complete with core design tools and optional First Person Shooter genre pack. Design the application with RenderWare
  • RenderWare Studio 2.0 provides:
    • Game World Editor
    • Build Processes
    • Game Database Management

Encompassing the whole development process from pre production to gold master, the collaborative nature of game development with RenderWare Studio enables all team members to work in parallel on gameplay creation, software engineering and build production in real-time. This removes most of the time-consuming bottlenecks and dependencies that frequently occur with conventional development methods.

RenderWare Studio enables you to have “game on demand”, providing developers and their publisher’s immediate access to a latest build of the game. This means that ideas and gameplay concepts can be shared throughout the duration of the project and that milestone building nightmares are a thing of the past.

Features: #

  • FPS Genre Design Pack
  • Core Design tools
  • Fully customizable and flexible Game Build Process
  • Level building & editing
  • Structured Game Databases
  • Real-time Attribute Editing
  • Customisable User Interface
  • Asset management
  • Game Framework

RenderWare Graphics #

RenderWare Graphics is the world-leading, high performance, open & extensible, multi-platform, 3D graphics toolkit, empowering developers to focus their talents on creating great content and gameplay.


  • Multi-Platform, Portable API
  • Intuitive Art Path Tool Chain
  • Powerful Exporter Framework
  • Advanced Multi-Texturing Capability
  • Asynchronous File Loading
  • Comprehensive Range of Fast Graphics Options
  • Optimized Skinning
  • UV Transformations
  • Native Geometry Support
  • Rendering Pipeline frameworks (VU code on PS2 and HLSL on PC/Xbox)

RenderWare Physics #

RenderWare Physics provides fast, realistic, multi-platform physics modeling that’s suitable for use in every genre of game. RenderWare Physics provides the ability to add real-time dynamic behavior to game objects, adds realism to environments and introduces a new dimension of exciting gameplay opportunities.

Features: #

  • Rigid-body dynamics
  • Constraint-based iterative solver
  • Collision primitives:
    • Sphere, capsule, triangle, box, cylinder, plane, convex polyhedra
    • Aggregates, grids, triangle lists
  • Joint types:
    • Ball-and-socket, hinge, wheel hinge, zero-twist, universal, constrained angular, sliding/prismatic

Basics: #

  • Pipeline-oriented physics step:
    • Find active pairs, generate contacts, partition, generate fixed volume contacts, update velocities, update friction, update positions, find moving objects
  • Pipeline steps are optional, customizable

RenderWare AI #

RenderWare AI offers developers full, customizable access to an innovative, game specific A.I. SDK, that will help them populate all genre of game worlds and deliver extremely high levels of life-like behavior and intelligent interaction between characters and game environments.

World modelling #

Non-player characters require data to move intelligently, identify hiding positions and more generally analyze 3D topology. RenderWare A.I. proposes an optimized modeling relevant from a behavior perspective: the PathData. They are the equivalent of polygons for rendering or collision meshes for physics. PathData are generated automatically and can be edited for manual modification.

3D topology dynamic analyzer #

In addition to traditional perception managers (visibility, sound, smell), RenderWare A.I. offers a revolutionary functionality to analyze, in real time and dynamically, 3D topology.

Constraints #

In addition to shortest path, RenderWare A.I. can also identify trajectories that take into account complex constraints (furtiveness, dynamic dangerous zones avoidance, etc.)

Dynamic objects #

RenderWare AI handles 3D pathfinding with lots of dynamic objects (elevators, teleporters, doors, dynamic obstacles, etc.) A pathfinding dealing with dynamic objects is critical with developers controlling dynamic objects via sophisticated physics engines. When moving or destroying dynamic objects, a non-player character or a player prevents or authorizes accesses, alternative actions will be sought!

Behaviors #

RenderWare AI offers on-the-shelf customizable, including: go to, follow, flee, wander, follow path, hide and fight.

Team #

RenderWare AI covers behavioral needs not only from a single character perspective but also from a perspective. RenderWare AI includes mechanisms to share information between team members and to ensure communication among them.

RenderWare Audio #

RenderWare Audio is a comprehensive solution developers need to deliver out standing real-time audio for multi-platform titles. It simplifies the process of generating rich, immersive multi-channel ater resources in the crucial creative elements of the gamudio and further enables developers to invest even greae, ensuring that the entire experience for the player is as close to reality as possible.

Features: #

  • Supports Dolby Surround & Pro Logic features
  • Totally Integrated With RenderWare Platform
  • ‘Voices’ in 2D/3D
  • High Performance Audio Streaming
  • Comprehensive Sound Bank Management
  • Wave Conversions
  • Virtual Voice Management
  • DSP Effects / Reverb
  • Audio Event Toolkit
  • Converts WAVs to platform-specific formats
  • Packages wave dictionaries
  • Assembles streams, segments, sub-streams
  • Set audio format details

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